Why do you live in Calgary Alberta?

What is the appeal, what is the driving force that keeps you here? What about our city do you know, and what about our beautiful city do you not know? Calgary has achieved very exciting things in the past 5 years. We have a reputation of a younger demographic, a sizzling entertainment society and a booming Sports following. We are named and known for our diversity our acceptance, our all encumbering standards for anyone and everyone in which we can help. Why does this matter to you, you might ask? It is important to know what your City offers you and what you can offer your city!

Calgary is an incredible place if you know it well but boring, frustrating, mostly cold and expensive if you don’t. In recent years Calgary’s Market collectives, food trucks, smaller communities revitalization programs and community togetherness has gone through the roof. As Citizens, as Albertans, as Calgarians and as Canadians we are trying to find a way to maintain a balance of happiness of wealth and of purpose and our great cities. Named the 10th safest city in Canada, the cleanest city in the world, and with one of the highest populations for one of the smallest city parameters Calgary is full of amazing mystery and incredible power. And it’s still growing!

Living in a city like Calgary offers you the ability to pick exactly what type of niche community you want and own a piece of it! Calgary offers you the ability to have a Mountain View with nothing but land surrounding you for a country small town quaint lifestyle, it allows you a penthouse rooftop late night loud music kimd of city feel or it allows you a busy endless list of possibilities & the best place to raise a family.

Getting to know your city is the best way to learn exactly what lifestyle what community and what sphere of influence impacts your life the most. The Rolling Hills and tight-knit communities of Aspen Landing, Cougar Ridge or Tuscany for example are wonderful places to raise a family, to know the name of your local grocery store baker or to have block bbqs on the weekends. Bridgeland, Inglewood and Kensington are wonderful examples for up and coming artists, wine connoisseurs, the always loved “Foodies” or simply someone looking for a local craft Market to spend their Sunday morning with a latte. The quiet streets of haysboro appeal to those who want to Twilight walk with their dog, and the busy streets of East Village are perfect for those who want to rollerblade to the Bow River, take some insane Instagram shots & go home to their green living condo.

Calgary offers some of the most incredible, Secret, wonderful mysterious neighborhoods, communities and events, and it’s important to know your city as well as you know yourself so that your life corresponds with the life of your community, the life of your city & the life you love!!

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