Buyers In Calgary & Why work with a Realtor?

One of the greatest dilemmas we see buyers in the Calgary Market face almost hourly when they begin their search for their home in our great city is what type of home to buy. Do you buy used or do you buy new? Do you buy a house or do you buy a condo? Do you buy a bi-level or a bungalow? Do you buy a row townhouse or a high-rise condo? There are so many things to take into consideration when you’re thinking of buying your home not simply because it is a very large Financial investment, but because it is the defining characteristic of who we are as people. Our home is the first and the last place we spend our day. It is how people view us, it is how we feel about ourselves, it is how we want to raise children, it is where we laugh and enjoy time with friends, it is where we hold the most amount of our pride, and more than anything else our home is the true definition of our achievement this far in life. Your home should be something that you feel confident in, it should be a place of sanctuary, of Tranquility, of happiness and of pride! The question for many buyers before they get into the nitty-gritty of types of houses, in types of condos, is if they choose to go with a new home or used home. There are 249 new home developments with a Calgary postal address. Of these, 108 are condo developments, 8 are apartment developments, 29 are townhouse developments and 104 are single family home developments (stats from and this does not include so many other builders independent contractors Renovations and projects that are not included in this number. This means that buyers have an overwhelming amount of information properties to look at and facts to take into consideration prior to buying a home. The next question we find very popular is what the difference is really at the end of the day between a new home and a used home. Other than perhaps a new home warranty or the the appliances have never been used before a lot of buyers don’t understand what it takes to own a home in general or what the differences are and some of the perks you might get from a new home versus some of the perks you get from a used home, that’s what we’re here to do for you! The realtor that you choose to work with is trained, educated, experienced and skilled not only in finding you a home that matches your criteria, but we are trained in the Loyalty of ensuring that the standards of the type of home you want are met. We are here to provide you with as many options as possible with the most correct criteria as possible.
Buying a home from start to finish is very stressful and time-consuming. Your realtor takes over a lot of the heavy lifting for you such as helping you find a mortgage broker to walk you through the process of the steps it takes to get pre-qualified, we walk you through homes we sit down and take our time understanding your needs as a buyer, understanding your wants as a person, and understanding the excitement that you want to feel in your future home. We are here to help you build a life not just complete a transaction! New developments are popping up everywhere around Calgary, offering an array of homes, lifestyles, perks and drawbacks; Auburn Bay, Copperfield, Harmony, Seton, Legacy, mahogany, and Nolan Hill. We see them as we drive around. We Google ones we hear on the radio or around the water cooler at work. We click the ads on Facebook or walkthrough the open house we saw a sign for down the street. This information gathering is a wonderful start for the resources you have as a buyer – however – just like we have Police, Doctors, Teachers, Starbucks Baristas, we have Real Estate Agents. We are here with governed licenses. We have to qualify on several levels just to be here to help you! When you find a great realtor and you see the results and you believe in their passion and you trust their knowledge, you will have several options that allow you to focus just on your home buying process as specific and unique as it is to you and less on the logistics. We as your Realtor are here to help explain the developments, homes vs townhomes, what schools have space and bus routes for your kids.
Buying a home is a lot of things, but with a Realtor, it’s bliss!

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