Being Young and Thriving in the world of Calgary’s Real Estate Market

Almost every article you read outline the year and years of experience it takes to get good and understanding the market, the trends and how to trade properly to either see the best gain in your investments or to get the biggest bang for your buck. They go on to talk about resale value and neighborhood niches but they don’t really talk to you about how to do it. So, hearing information on a topic that you feel you should know but can’t seem to quite understand, this can leave even the smartest young professionals feeling disinterested & turned off.

While the influx of opinions, statistics and articles offer an overwhelming educated opinion on what the market is and all the mistakes people make are, what they don’t offer you is the information needed to make real estate trading (buying or selling) appealing or attainable for the younger generations of today’s society. We hear young professionals say things like “I won’t qualify for a mortgage until I’m at least 40.” Or “I’ll just rent, it’s easier cheaper and it’s just less worry.” all the time. This is alarming as a realtor because that couldn’t be further from the truth!
The whole piece of the cake that is missing for so many processionals, young families, newly married couples etc, is NOT that you require the knowhow of how these transactions play themselves out or you need to act accordingly to put yourself ahead in the realm of real estate – it IS that you need to know the right Real Estate professionals to help do it for you!

The young Professionals and families in YYC should feel more confident in knowing that, we, the skilled, qualified & enthusiastic Real Estate Professionals are here to show you that you have far more options than you think you do! There are many companies in Calgary that allow for you to be human, to work on building your credit or saving for a deposit. Calgary has more resources for new, nervous first time home buyers that you would never know ever existed if you never let one of us work for you!

Companies like Attainable Homes are made specifically to help empower first time home buyers to learn the process and have the guidance of Deposit Aid as well as all the people who do understand all the complexities do the thinking and guiding for you!

Financial Advisors like the ones at Exceedia Financial are here to show you how to make the money you already have do more work for you and the money you don’t think you have, help in the long run.
The short term goal that you can attain is finding the right Real Estate professionals to sit down with you and figure out your goal. The long term goal is to let us do the heavy lifting for you and get you to a place where you can attain the home of your dreams and not get any grey hairs along the way – cause if we’re doing our jobs right, there shouldn’t be any!

Calgary is flourishing in the realm of assisting young professionals in achieving their standards and goals. Focus on taking the first step in finding one of the many educated professionals that will help you not only reach all the things you think aren’t possible, and don’t get lost in feeling like you don’t or cant belong in this industry!

This is your home; let’s work on finding you one that you can call your own!

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