Buyers In Calgary & Why work with a Realtor?

One of the greatest dilemmas we see buyers in the Calgary Market face almost hourly when they begin their search for their home in our great city is what type of home to buy. Do you buy used or do you buy new? Do you buy a house or do you buy a condo? Do […]

Why do you live in Calgary Alberta?

What is the appeal, what is the driving force that keeps you here? What about our city do you know, and what about our beautiful city do you not know? Calgary has achieved very exciting things in the past 5 years. We have a reputation of a younger demographic, a sizzling entertainment society and a […]

Being Young and Thriving in the world of Calgary’s Real Estate Market

Almost every article you read outline the year and years of experience it takes to get good and understanding the market, the trends and how to trade properly to either see the best gain in your investments or to get the biggest bang for your buck. They go on to talk about resale value and […]