“The market is terrible right now, maybe I’ll just wait a couple months before I do anything…”

Very commonly in today’s market we – as Realtors – hear all too often “The market is terrible right now, maybe I’ll just wait a couple months before I do anything…” this tells us one of two things. One, You have been mislead and under educated on what the market means to you and your home or two, you’re listening to only what the news is telling you in regards to politics and housing stats and you haven’t had someone explain what all those things mean to you specifically.

Real Estate is a very big, overwhelming and smart player in our society. To many people this just translates as scary and expensive. Here’s where you’re right! Real estate is expensive, it’s a commodity that we all require for a healthy standard of living but also something that is too easy to become lost in long term. Where your less correct in is on the knowledge many Canadians lack in the neighborhood of where their house sits in the market bubble, what the market trends mean to them personally how this all comes together to profit you in some way.

Calgary is known for its spikes in housing markets & its appeal in conversations on prices. If you take a close look back at our housing market in the past 20 years, we have seen everything from massive recessions to great booms. The major players offer hundreds of articles, numbers, charts and statistics that sway you in different directions and force you to question your homes actual status in today present market.

Here’s where we come in!

Real Estate Professionals are here for a few key reasons. The first and most important reason is to be educated in our role. This does not mean that we spit out all the same information you already have using different words and expect remuneration for it. This means we focus on what it will take to kowtow present day mortgage, insurance, tax and legal bylaws or restrictions. We ensure our services to you are binding, legal and meets all fiduciary protocols. We spend countless hours studying, researching, training with our Broker and learning news ways to adapt in the current market.

Now the best part is how all this wordy discussion comes together to suit you!
While the market major players, Realtors, Mortgage brokers, New home builders and Real estate Members alike all have a duty, it doesn’t mean that the style of delivery, method of communication, type of marketing or personality in general will actually give you everything you’re looking for. This is why out of all the information you receive in today’s news, radio, market, neighbors, friends, spouses, bankers etc – it is the absolute most important for you to stay focused on your goals. We are all human and we have different needs and wants and get along with different people. Do your homework. Your home does have a place. It does have a Market Value & Assessed Value and it is sellable. It is someone’s dream home just like it was yours at one time too. The major reminder is to never forget that your home is a home first and a transaction second. Pay attention to the little details and really work hard to find a realtor that will take the time to represent your home (either your current home or the home you’re searching for) the way you do – with respect, care, effort and devotion.

At the end of the day we are here to serve you. We are here to employ all of our resources and spend all of our time making sure you get the best outcome possible at the best price possible with the best timeframe possible. As overwhelming as it can be, stay educated and in the loop but find a Real Estate Professional that can make light of your work and do the heavy lifting for you!

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